acquista_ora_bigIn the second half of the 16th century Vespasiano Gonzaga realized his dream: an ideal city. Sabbioneta (Mantova) is a hymn to harmony and architectonic perfection, built however by a violent (he was a soldier by profession in service for Spain) and vindictive man (his first wife was poisoned and one son killed in a moment of rage). Even so, this brutal temperament did not stop Gonzaga being a lover of the arts. Although he was pursued by debt and misadventures Vespasiano clung to his dream and when he finally carried it out so successfully he considered Sabbioneta his one and only first born child. This is History which is a perfect cross-section of the Renaissance with its artistic splendours, dreams of perfection alongside murder and violence.

Year: 2008
Duration: 54’
Language: italian
Subtitles: english


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