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Villa d’Este, la Villa del cardinale

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E’ una delle ville più stupefacenti e ambiziose realizzate nel Rinascimento: Villa d’Este a Tivoli. Una villa con oltre cento fontane e un parco che ha influenzato architetti e mecenati anche dopo il Rinascimento. Ora...

The Spring Mystery – The Botticelli’s lover

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Simonetta Cattaneo is a name which doesn’t sound familiar but just look at Botticelli’s “Spring” or “The Birth of Venus” for a moment and you’ll realize who we’re talking about! This young lady from Genoa was the talk...

Galileo, the real history

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Both a scientist and a man deeply rooted in his times, and determined to change them with his discoveries and inventions, GG engaged a tug of war with the catholic inquisition, that he eventually lost having to give u...

Giulia Farnese, l’amante del Papa

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Giulia Farnese (1474-1524) fu una delle donne più belle – e a tratti, più potenti – del suo tempo. Entrata nelle grazie di papa Borgia aiutò l’ascesa del fratello maggiore Alessandro (che diverrà Paolo III) in seno al...

The Ideal City – Sabbioneta and Vespasiano Gonzaga

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In the second half of the 16th century Vespasiano Gonzaga realized his dream: an ideal city. Sabbioneta (Mantova) is a hymn to harmony and architectonic perfection, built however by a violent (he was a soldier by prof...

Lucrezia Borgia’s true story

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Legend paints her to be beautiful, cynical and murderous. History leaves a better memory: Lucrezia Borgia was not an Angel but she was a woman forced by men of her family to endure painful choices. But most of the ter...