acquista_ora_bigThe extraordinary life of Rita of Cascia: believer, wife, mom, widow, nun, healer and saint. Venerated by milions of believers all over the world, Saint Rita is one of the most popular icons of the Christianity. Margherita Lotti was married at an early age. The marriage lasted for 18 years, during which time she is remembered for her christian values as a model wife and mother who made efforts to convert her husband from his abusive behavior. Upon the murder of her husband by another feuding family, she sought to dissuade her sons from revenge before their calamitous deaths. From the death of her sons, Margherita started a new life: she became a nun as Rita. It is the beginning of an incredible number of legends about her miracles that lasted during her long life and even after her death until nowadays.

Year: 2012
Duration: 58’ – HD
Language: English


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