acquista_ora_bigBoth a scientist and a man deeply rooted in his times, and determined to change them with his discoveries and inventions, GG engaged a tug of war with the catholic inquisition, that he eventually lost having to give up some of his credos. The documentary follows the long life of the scientist and the man, his contrasts between faith and scientific research in the counter reform times in Italy. This contrast will mark his life until the trial of 1633, where he was sentenced partly because of a document of dubious authenticity describing a private conversation between Galileo and the powerful Cardinal Bellarmino. In 1633, though, Bellarmino had been dead for a while, and could not help Galileo to reestablish truth any more. A misfortune that would lead the scientist to spend the last few years of his life confined near Florence, sick and lonely.

Year of production: 2009
Running time: 65 mins
Color: Color
Ratio: 16:9
Original language: italian
Subtitles: english


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