acquista_ora_bigLegend paints her to be beautiful, cynical and murderous. History leaves a better memory: Lucrezia Borgia was not an Angel but she was a woman forced by men of her family to endure painful choices. But most of the terrible events that have been assigned to her or that actually saw her involved occurred within a few years, in the midst of the pontificate of his father, Pope Alexander VI, and of the maximum power to his brother the Duke Valentino. Once left Rome forever, things changed. In fact, starting from his third marriage, with the Duke of Ferrara Alfonso I d’Este, in 1501, Lucrezia, only 21 years old, began a new life. A quiet life, of the Court, where she was celebrated by poets (as Bembo and Ariosto), loved by her husband and with six children. The last delivery was fatal. She was only 39 years old. An end extremely normal – for its time – for a woman who has seen her reputation over the centuries to become linked to poisons and lust. Year of production: 2010 Running time: 61’ Language: Italiano Subtitles: English


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