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An enigma named Celestine V

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Celestine V was the only Pope who left his appointment before his death ( and for this reason Dante placed him in Hell in the Divine Comedy). During the four months of his pontificate he never once went to Rome. He’d ...

Dentro la Sindone

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La Sindone di Torino: nel nuovo documentario di "La Storia In Rete", le scoperte e le domande ancora senza risposta, tra Storia, scienza e fede, sulla più importante e sconvolgente reliquia di ogni tempo. Anno Prod...

Galileo, the real history

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Both a scientist and a man deeply rooted in his times, and determined to change them with his discoveries and inventions, GG engaged a tug of war with the catholic inquisition, that he eventually lost having to give u...

Lucrezia Borgia’s true story

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Legend paints her to be beautiful, cynical and murderous. History leaves a better memory: Lucrezia Borgia was not an Angel but she was a woman forced by men of her family to endure painful choices. But most of the ter...

Saint Francis of Assisi

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Francis of Assisi, one of the most important and influent Saints of the whole Christianity, honored by the new Pope when choosing a new papal name: Francis I. His life, from the early youth and his knight aspirations t...

Saint Rita of Cascia

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The extraordinary life of Rita of Cascia: believer, wife, mom, widow, nun, healer and saint. Venerated by milions of believers all over the world, Saint Rita is one of the most popular icons of the Christianity. Margh...

Savonarola’s Visions

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It seems that Gerolamo Savonarola (1452-1498) conquered Florentine’s hearts with the prophecies pronounced in his furious preaches, some of which become reality. Admired and feared by the Greats of his age, from Loren...